Is it maple syrup that lures you into a nation where travellers are treated like royalty?

Oh, Canada! With alpine meadows filled with wildflowers and glacier fed lakes, the grand wild landscapes of an arctic playground and quaint fishing villages, Canada is a land so full of natural beauty; you’ll feel as if you’re seeing the country with Photoshop filters in your eyeballs.

Canada’s ten provinces and three territories cover a vast amount of land size, with each corner of the country offering a completely unique experience. In fact, each Canadian city is like an adventure as every corner, bar, club, museum, taxi and hotel, you will have a laugh with a local, end up having dinner and drinks and becoming their best friends for the evening. World-renowned for their hospitality, they really do treat you like their own. Ah…Canadians.

Although a good 14 hours and 20 minutes away, Australia and Canada share many similarities, making it an incredibly popular choice for Australian travellers. With similar size, language and landscape, the biggest similarities are the people.

Both countries love a laugh and are always seeking the next big adventure and boy does Canada offer some great adventures. From the famous Rocky Mountaineer where the scenery is absolutely jaw dropping to dog sledding between towns, you’ll be scrambling to tick of all the must-do’s Canada has to offer.

If the stunning natural wonders, friendly locals, ease of travel and fascinating history doesn’t entice you, it’s also the country with the most donuts shops (per capita) in the world. Mmmmm…donuts.