TOP 5: When you think of Ireland, what are the 5 things that come to mind?

Ireland is famous for many things but when it comes to food and cultural heritage, it’s hard to choose which ones really stand out.

Ireland is famous for many things but when it comes to food and cultural heritage, it’s hard to choose which ones really stand out.

Just ask anyone. Your friends, family, your neighbour and work colleagues and you will be amazed as to what they say. Here are our Top 5 for you to compare your answers with.



Celebrated around the world and loved by all cultures, St Patrick’s Day is Ireland’s greatest and most famous day on the calendar.

This cultural and religious celebration is held on the 17th of March and pays tribute to the famous St Patrick who is known to have scared off the satin cults and brought in Christianity to Ireland.

Above all, It’s known for fun, food and drinking Guinness. But perhaps more importantly the day gives you permission to dress up in green, colour your hair and be friendly to everyone around you. Why can’t everyday be St Patrick’s Day.




It’s the black stuff that for some put’s hair on your chest. Guinness is brewed in almost 50 Countries, the beer was born in 1759 by the infamous Arthur Guinness at St.James’s Gate brewery in Dublin.

Did you know that in 1877, there was a Guinness Fleet that transported the bold stuff along Irelands River Liffey? Now there is the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin which is the official home of Guinness. Check out the full story of Guinness here.




The Corrs

Go ahead and leave me breathless. Just another thing that Ireland has given the World. From dance phenomenons like the Irish River Dance to creating pop culture of the 90’s with U2, Sinead O’Connor with “Nothing Compares 2 U” and Van Morrison. Enya, The Script, The Cranberries. Other group bands like Boyzone and B*Witched.

We know you have at least one in your playlist. Go ahead and play it now.




Irish Stew

The talk on the town is you can not leave Ireland without trying Irish Soda Bread. The timeline when this dates back is impossible to find but ask any Irish family and they will say it’s an old family recipe. Some enjoy the bread with honey, sugar or a sprinkle of seeds while others add Guinness for a more sour taste.

Another favourite and well known dish is Irish stew. Chunks of potatoes, onions, carrots all in a pot with mutton, slowly stewed for hours making the meat tender. Yep my mouth is watering now. The best part is it tastes better the next day so if your Irish friends are making this for you, get a takeaway container prepared.



The love of the Irish accent was fused into every one of the top 5. There is no doubt about it, Aussies are infatuated with the green nation and can not wait to be immersed into the local culture just to hear the cheeky tones whispered in their ears. In true Irish style, they are known for storytelling and their flirtatious charm as everything they say comes out sounding sweat and sincere.

What would be your Top 5?